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Is a human rights foundation was founded to protect and defend children rights and gurtee education and good peaceful living for all children.

 Our Message

Working on providing shelters, schools and means to reduce risks that threaten childhood.

Our Vision

Safe Childhood, Promising Future.

Why it was founded?

Nada has implemented many projects as individual initiative just to help children in Yemen and she also helped founding several initiatives that help children in Yemen, and she made big success in its aim to help children(helping sick children, save many girls from early marriage, bringing children back to school, providing shelters for orphan and homeless childer.

How it was founded?

To get help to found Nada foundation, then he gave order to approve it since it has a credit of working in field helping children and it made a big success in her attempts to help children in Yemen. Work and social affair minister gave order to issue the formal papers of foundation office in Taiz, and according to that all the legal procedures was carried on and a staff of experienced persons was formed. After sending requested documents according to the law of NGOs in Yemen, the clearance of the foundation office in Taiz was finally issued.



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