Safe Havens

It adopted a project that targeting girls who were forced to marry early or were subjected to domestic violence. As they are supported through contact with parents, relatives or the country’s dignitaries in which the girl lives. It is targeting the use of security services to protect and rescue the girl, according to Yemeni law and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (Signed by Yemen).

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Awareness Programs

Nada Foundation produced an awareness program to raise the awareness of society and respond to inquiries about the strengths upon which the community depends on its violations to the rights of the child, then listed for each inquiry logical and accurate answers citing conventions on the rights of the child which are provided for in international laws with which the States committed to use.

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Advocacy for the Underage

Advocacy for the Underage Girls:
Throughout Nada’s activities, she didn’t stop at just one subject but worked to advocate for underage girls who died under torture due to the domestic violence or the early marriage. As there is no law protecting girls from serious violations in her country, so Nada had to make these cases public opinion issues so that she can punish their perpetrators.

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Our Dreams Thrive

“Our Dreams Thrive” project has been funded to educate 10,000 (ten thousands( of girls and children, between the ages of 13 and 18 in IDP camps and rural areas that have not been reached by public schools. They have taught English as a special quality education, enabling them to take advantage of future opportunities on the Internet and register Interns at international universities for distance learning.

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Our Goals of  Foundation

  1. Working to end child marriage.
  2. Work against schools dropouts and child labor.
  3. Work on programs to stop child recruitment by armed groups.
  4. Provide medical assistant for injured children.
  5. Care about orphans caused by war.
  6. Ensure health care for poor children.
  7. Help engage children to be active in the society by providing a good and safe environment for them and their families.
  8. Protect children rights to live safely and get education and all other rights according to the law.
  9. Coordinating with international organizations and conferences to make the child a priority in all activities.

Next Steps...

Life has been shattered in Yemen. One of the poorest countries in the world is being made worse by civil war. Much of the world understands, that as fellow humans, it is our obligation to help end the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.