Nada'kom is a campaign that work to respond to children's voices in schools and houses throughout media means in order to save them from violence, early marriage or denial of education. The campaign was founded Nada Al-Ahdal (the young child) and recently have been transformed into a project of Nada's foundation due to many cases received.

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Adopt a child

is a campaign to make every businessman from immigrants to a adopt one homeless child, from those children who don't have anyone to help them such as street children or sick children. 280 child benefited from this campaign and it has stopped because the staff have displaced from their places.

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Make their winter warm

is a campaign to give blankets to poor families and displaced people, more than 2000 blankets was distributed in Sana'a, 6000 in Dhammar, Amran and Saddah, also heavy clothes were given to more than 4500 child in Hodaidah, Taiz, Aden and Lahj.

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is a program that gives reports about humanitarian cases that need to be sent abroad to get medical assistance, the program also looks for donors to help these cases. Through this program, Nada could help tens of cases abroad and many children have benefited from this program.

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Our Goals of  Foundation

  1. Working to end child marriage.
  2. Work against schools dropouts and child labor.
  3. Work on programs to stop child recruitment by armed groups.
  4. Provide medical assistant for injured children.
  5. Care about orphans caused by war.
  6. Ensure health care for poor children.
  7. Help engage children to be active in the society by providing a good and safe environment for them and their families.
  8. Protect children rights to live safely and get education and all other rights according to the law.
  9. Coordinating with international organizations and conferences to make the child a priority in all activities.

Next Steps...

Life has been shattered in Yemen. One of the poorest countries in the world is being made worse by civil war. Much of the world understands, that as fellow humans, it is our obligation to help end the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.